A Trip To Zanzibar

IST was just on Spring Break. Some students got a chance to visit family and friends at various destination around the world. Other students stayed closer to home visiting various parts of Tanzania. Here Lucca shares his visit to Zanzibar with the class.

On my vacation I went to Zanzibar with my dad and my brother. We did lots of fun and exciting things. One thing we did was visit the reptile zoo. At the zoo we saw chameleons, tortoise, sand snakes, green snakes and even a green mamba! We also saw a cobra – it was a little scary.

On Zanzibar, we also went on a spice tour. On the spice tour we learned how pepper grows. It is green on the vine and when dried it turns black. If you peel it, inside it is white. This is called white pepper. We saw pickle fruit, limes, cinnamon (the bark from a tree) and vanilla pods. Our guide made my brother and I cool eyeglasses out of pineapple leaves. We had a lot of fun.


2 Responses to A Trip To Zanzibar

  1. sylvia rose says:

    Lucca, your trip to Zanzibar sounds very exciting – maybe you could take me and Grandpa some time. It was interesting to hear how pepper is made.

  2. Bill Madden says:

    Nice report Lucca! It was really interesting to see those spices growing, looking so different from how we see them at home.
    I hope all grade 2 had a wonderful holiday. What a collection of experiences from around the world you must have between you!

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