Shape Poems

As Grade 2 students continue to explore the genre of Poetry, we decided to experiment this week with Shape Poems. What is a shape poem? We looked at objects and talked about how each object has an identifiable simple shape. For example, the sun is the shape of a circle, a house can be the shape of a pentagon or an ice cream cone can be a triangle with a round top. A shape poem is a poem that follows the outline of a simple shape to create an picture of an object.

Students thought about shapes as they chose a topic for their poem. Once students had a topic, they then brainstormed ideas and made a list of words and phrases they thought might work for their poems.

Students were given a blank sheet of paper. With a pencil, students then lightly drew the shape of their object/topic. Students then wrote their poem following the shape outline. Students were encouraged to ‘stretch’ their ideas/sentences using interesting words and phrases in order to fill all of the space needed to complete their shape(s).

Here are a few examples of our Shape Poems:

Bertha’s Ice Cream Shape Poem


Insiyah’s Flower Shape Poem


Jodie’s Butterfly Shape Poem


Sage’s Moon Shape Poem


Edward’s Tree Shape Poem


You can practice creating your own Shape Poems online: – shape poem creator – concrete poetry maker

Please leave us a comment to let us know what think of our poems AND if you or your class have also created Shape Poems, send us your website information and we will link you or your class to our site.


5 Responses to Shape Poems

  1. Linda Vaglia says:

    Hi IST,

    We really liked your shape poems, and we’re also going to create our own weather shape poems for our expedition. We look forward to seeing more of your work.

    Ms. Linda in North Carolina

    P.S. I worked at IST from 2003-2006. It’s a great school!

  2. Mrs. C / New York State says:

    Loved your shape poems. We’re working on them as well in our grade 2 library class!

  3. I remember creating shape poems when I was in school 30 years ago! What I liked best about them was even though it was art which I am not very good at I could still create something good if my poem was good.

    I like the diversity of the pictures you posted. I wish I could read the words from the poems better. Nice job grade 2!

    Mr. C

  4. Mrs S/ Australia says:

    Wow Grade 2’s I loved the shape poems! Keep up the good work I can’t wait to see more.

    Mrs S in Australia

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