A Traditional Maasai Visit

On Tuesday March 23, 2010 a traditional Maasai came to our class. His name was Mr. Mayuwe Samarie. He comes from a village in Arusha called Kiteto.

We got to ask him lots of questions. He didn’t speak English so Mr. Elliot translated for us. We learned that Maasai drink cow’s blood to get energy. Sometimes they mix it with milk.

Did you know… Maasai men can have more than one wife? But Mr. Mayuwe only has one! Mr. Mayuwe has 60 cows but the richest man in the village has over 700 cows!

After our visit in the classroom we joined the other grade 2 classes in the field to watch and learn how to dance and jump like the Maasai. They jumped very high and chanted. We enjoyed jumping and singing with them.

written by:
The G2 Kung Fu Praying Mantids

A note to our Global Friends:
Please feel free to leave comments asking us questions about the Maasai people of Tanzania. We will do our best to answer your questions or find someone to help us find the answer.

3 Responses to A Traditional Maasai Visit

  1. Tima says:

    Hi Mr Kay,

    Class 2N got a visit from Chaou (Simon) Sipilali. He speaks Swahili and also Maa. We had Ms Muyenga translate all our questions for us.

    All our students speak English, and many of us come from different countries, so we all speak a 2nd, or even a 3rd language. Part of the curriculum at IST is Kiswahili, so all the students are also learning that.

    Each Maasai knows their cows by the look. However, Simon also told us that each cow wears a collar. Each collar is unique, and this helps in telling their cows apart.

  2. willkay says:

    Hello to the G2 Kung Fu Praying Mantids from Mexico. I, Mr. Kay, speak English and a tiny bit of French. However, all my students speak Spanish and English, and Miss Claudia, the Spanish teacher, speaks Spanish, English, and French. What language does Mr. Mayuwe Samarie speak? Do any of the students speak that language?

    Do the village keep all the cows together? If they do, how can they tell them apart?

    It sounds like you had a great day. Was it really tiring jumping and singing?

    Thank you for sharing the day with us.

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