More G2 Raz-Kids Reading STARS!

What? You say you’re bored and need something fun to do – well then READ!

That’s right, you can always practice reading no matter where you are – at home, at school or somewhere out in the world.

What? You don’t have a book? Not a problem as long as you have Internet! Mr. McKillip’s class can log into Raz-Kids read books and earn more stars.

Congratulations to students earning over 1000 Raz-Kids Stars!

Noah is a star reader earning more than 6000 Raz-Kids Stars! Noah has been using Raz-Kids both at school and at home. He is quickly becoming a better reader. Noah likes reading to others and reading independently using Raz-Kids on the computer. Keep reading Noah!

Talin is another reading star having earned more than 2000 Raz-Kids Stars! Talin is proud of her reading. She often enjoys reading to others. She takes her time and makes sure to heed punctuation. Keep reading and setting a good example for others!

Bertha has earned more than 1000 Raz-Kids Stars! Bertha enjoys reading. She likes to bring books from home to share with her classmates. Bertha continues to gain confidence reading. She reads to herself and to others everyday. Keep reading Bertha!

Faris has earned more than 1000 Raz-Kids Stars! He is quickly becoming a more fluent reader. He reads with confidence and if he makes a mistake, he is quick to make self corrections. Faris inspires others to read more challenging books. Way to go Faris!

Keelan has earned more than 1000 Raz-Kids Stars! Keelan is eagerly becoming a more confident reader. She loves to read and it shows. When retelling a story, she often makes connections with other stories she has read. Keep making reading a priority Keelan!

And last but not least, Koby has also earned more than 1000 Raz-Kids Stars! Koby has just recently started using Raz-Kids at home. He likes to read and likes to share his reading with others. Way to go Koby – Keep up your enthusiasm for reading!

You too can earn more stars and become a STAR reader on Raz-Kids. NOW students can board the Raz Rocket and blast off to a distant planet for an out-of-this-world experience!

Star System
Students earn stars for every book read and listened to, and quizzes and assignments successfully completed. Students use earned stars to buy items from the Raz-Rocket Catalog to personalize their rocket.

Rocket Ranking System
As students earn stars, they move up in rank. Ranks are displayed on each student’s individual assignment page.

Have fun reading and remember, the more you read, the better you read so READ READ READ!


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