Current Events

Find out what Current Events are happening this week from IST Grade 2…

What is a Current Event? A Current Event is something that is happening somewhere in the world NOW! Current Events are news stories that include a title, author, and date of publication. Grade 2 students are doing more than just looking up information, they are asking, “What is happening in our world TODAY?”

Each week two students choose an article to present from newspapers, magazines and Internet sites. Students read the article and then use our Current Events Note Taking Form to answer questions like Who, What, When, Where and Why. Students include their opinion about the article and then present their information to the rest of the class.

This week Aryan shared with us an article titled The Killer-Whale Attack at SeaWorld: How It Happened from Time online.

Aryan said, “There was a terrible accident that happened at Sea World in Orlando, Florida. Tillikum, the killer whale, pulled his trainer Dawn to the bottom of the pool by her ponytail. He held her underwater and she died.” Even though this was a shocking news story, Aryan went on to explain, “Dawn was a trainer at Sea World and she died. This teaches us that wild animals are wild and not safe. I think it is sad that the best trainer died.”


Noah shared with the class an article titled, Snake Caught Attacking Dinosaur—First Fossil Proof from National Geographic Daily News online.

Noah explained to the class, “Some scientists found the fossil of a snake eating a baby dinosaur!” Noah continued by saying, “This dinosaur was eaten 67 million years ago! I think the scientists worked hard to find these fossils. Fossils help us to learn more about nature.”

Thank you Aryan and Noah for presenting your articles to the class. Both students answered questions and accepted constructive feedback from their audience at the conclusion of their presentation.


5 Responses to Current Events

  1. Mr. Salsich says:

    Dear IST Grade 2,

    Excellent job to both Aryan and Noah! I agree with Aryan that we shouldn’t forget that wild animals are unpredictable and they aren’t pets. I also had recently read about the fossil discovery that Noah presented. I thought it was remarkable that the fossil captured the snake in the act of eating the baby dinosaur. It was like a photograph in stone.

    I really enjoy reading your posts about current events, keep up the great work!

    Mr. Salsich (third grade teacher in Connecticut, USA)

  2. insiyah says:

    Noah and Aryan you did very good.

  3. Mrs. Harju says:

    Thank you for your wonderful current events reports.
    I enjoyed reading them and will share your blog with my 2nd graders on Monday. We will be checking your blog more often and leaving comments. We would love to connect with your class more this year. We can learn so much from each other.

  4. Sarah Toa says:

    Dear IST Grade 2

    I like the way you presented interesting current events. I especially like how both presenters noted what they could learn from each article. I though that was very smart.

    It was cool to see the news presented through a projector. When I went to school, we cut articles out from the newspaper!

    From Your friend
    Mrs. Toa
    Team Toa

  5. Bill Madden says:

    Thanks for another interesting view on current events Grade 2! Good job Noah and Aryan. After following Noah’s link I actually made National Geographic Daily News as one of my favorites, it’s great and I’ll be telling my students about it.


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