Current Events

Find out what Current Events are happening this week from IST Grade 2…

What is a Current Event? A Current Event is something that is happening somewhere in the world NOW! Current Events are news stories that include a title, author, and date of publication. Grade 2 students are doing more than just looking up information, they are asking, “What is happening in our world TODAY?”

Each week two students choose an article to present from newspapers, magazines and Internet sites. Students read the article and then use our Current Events Note Taking Form to answer questions like Who, What, When, Where and Why. Students include their opinion about the article and then present their information to the rest of the class.

This week Lucca shared with us an article titled Une Nouvelle Espèce de Léopard (A New Species of Leopard) from lesclesjunior online. Lucca explained to the class that this article is about a new species of leopard that has recently been discovered in Borneo.

Lucca said, “I think this article is important because it is rare to find new species of plants and animals. It is very important for our planet to discover new species.”

At home, Lucca spent time creating colorful posters to share information and pictures with the class during his presentation. Lucca also shared the following video as well.


Aidan shared with the class an article titled, Triple Fossil Find Puts Australia Back On The Dinosaur Map from Science Daily online.

Aidan explained to the class, “Scientists have found three new dinosaur fossils in Queensland, Australia.” Aidan continued by saying, “I think this article is important because lots of people have worked hard to find these fossils and it is cool to know that there are new species of dinosaurs being discovered.”

Thank you Lucca and Aidan for presenting your articles to the class. Both students answered questions and accepted constructive feedback from their audience at the conclusion of their presentation.


3 Responses to Current Events

  1. Stafford says:

    Hi! Your blog is cool – it has got some amazing things.

    Do you like your country?
    What are some things you like about your school?

    Melville Intermediate School,
    Hamilton/New Zealand

  2. Danni says:

    I think it is interesting that this kind of animal lives in the world.

  3. Bill Madden says:

    It’s wonderful to be able to hear of Lucca’s presentation from here in Angola. The movie was very dramatic with a great soundtrack. To be able to see that fantastic cat was a treat!

    I also followed Aidan’s link which was very interesting
    Good job grade 2!

    Bill Madden (Lucca’s dad)

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