Current Events

Find out what Current Events are happening this week from IST Grade 2…

What is a Current Event? A Current Event is something that is happening somewhere in the world NOW! Current Events are news stories that include a title, author, and date of publication. Grade 2 students are doing more than just looking up information, they are asking, “What is happening in our world TODAY?”

Each week two students choose an article to present from newspapers, magazines and Internet sites. Students read the article and then use our Current Events Note Taking Form to answer questions like Who, What, When, Where and Why. Students include their opinion about the article and then present their information to the rest of the class.

This week Koby shared with us an article titled Blue Peter Star Sets World Record from the CBBC Newsround online. Koby explained to the class that, “Helen Skelton was trying to break the world record by kayaking down the Amazon River on her own.” Koby stated that he felt this article is important because, “Helen broke the World record to be the first woman to kayak the longest distance in a day!” Koby also shared his opinion of this article stating, “I think it would be fun to break a World record. Helen is brave, I hope she will continue to break more World records.”

Daniel shared with the class information from three articles about the devastating flooding happening in Madeira, Portugal. The articles he shared were titled Madeira Floods and Mudslides Kill 32, Portugal Rushes Aid to Madeira After Deadly Floods and Briton Killed as Flash Floods Devastate Madeira from BBC News online.

Daniel explained to the class that there has been a major flood happening in Madeira since last Saturday, 20 February, 2010. Madeira is an island in the Atlantic Ocean. Daniel stated his opinion, “These articles are important because at least 23 people died and at least 100 people are homeless. I think these article are sad news.” Daniel shared his information with the class in a serious manner. He chose to sit at the floor with his friends to help communicate the sad news of life lost.

Map image from the World Atlas online.

Students made numerous connections to other weather related disasters including our recent current event presentations about flooding in Mexico and Haiti.

Thank you Koby and Daniel for presenting your informative articles. Both students answered questions and accepted positive feedback from their audience at the conclusion of their presentation.


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