Acrostic Poems – The Knight And The Dragon

As Grade 2 ventures into the world of author Tomie dePaola, we also started to learn about different types poetry. This week, students are looking at acrostic poems with a focus on character traits.

After read the book The Knight And The Dragon students were given a choice of writing and illustrating an acrostic poem for either the dragon or the knight – developing each character by choosing a word for each letter and then writing a sentence to explain the connection between the word and the character from the story.

Sage wrote an acrostic poem for both the knight and the dragon. She included the following illustrations with her poems. Here is her dragon poem.

Dangerous – The dragon is dangerous.
R oars – The dragon roars a lot!
Angry – The dragon is angry.
Good – The dragon is good.
Order – The dragon’s books are in order.
kNight – The dragon fought the knight.

Danni wrote an acrostic poem about the knight. She also included illustrations of the knight, dragon and the castle. Here is her poem and picture of the castle.

Knife – The knight has a knife.
Nice – The knight is not nice to the dragon.
Idea – The knight has an idea to kill the dragon.
Gate – The knight’s castle has a gate outside.
Happy – The knight was happy because the dragon helped him to cook the Bar-B-Q.
Teeth – The dragon’s teeth are sharp.


5 Responses to Acrostic Poems – The Knight And The Dragon

  1. ruqayyah says:

    nice poem Sage and Danni! its good to see children writting poems

  2. hanita hen says:

    Very interesting to know how you learn stories of dragons…
    Thanks for sharing.

    ד- דרקון מסתורי
    ר-לדרקון יותר מראש אחד
    ק-קימים דרקונים מזרחיים ודרקונים מערביים
    ו- והוא טוב.
    ן- נכון להיום…דרקונים קיימים רק באגדות

    Huberman School – Israel

  3. The Smarties says:

    S tupendous
    A mazing
    G reat
    E xceptional

    D azzling
    A uspicious
    N ice
    N ifty
    I nspiring

    Love Mrs N

  4. Rosemary Jairo says:

    Well done Sage this is very creative , Well done again!

  5. Great poems Sage and Danni! I especially liked adding your pictures to the poems. Did you know that adding your drawings to the poems helped you learn more and in a different way than when you wrote the poems?

    Mr. C

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