Celebrating Chinese New Year

To celebrate CNY Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger), Grade 2 students participated in a number of activities. Students were intrigued by the Chinese Zodiac asking every person they could find what year they were born so that they could tell them their zodiac character. We learned that most Grade 2 students were born in the Year of the Snake.

What is your zodiac character?

During our CNY celebration, students were busy creating their own tiger puppets. Student helped one another to cut out materials and decorate their paper bag puppets.

IST Grade 2 is very fortunate to have two talented students from China. Danni in 2M and Angel in 2L volunteered to share some of their culture with the class.

Both Danni and Angel patiently taught us all how to write Chinese Characters for words like think, friend, gold, wind, fun, strength and laugh.

We all did our best but we quickly found that it takes a lot of time and practice to write Chinese characters well.

Zodiac image by mastaazumarek.


2 Responses to Celebrating Chinese New Year

  1. Rachael says:

    I like your work. It is awesome!

    by Rachael, room 8,
    Melville Intermediate, Hamilton. Wiakato

  2. Holly says:


    I am a student at GWPS dubai. I was looking at your blog and thought it was rather cool!
    I like the way other kids where teaching the class how to write Chinese.
    If you want to check my class blog out and all of my friends work you can go to year4divers.blogspot.com


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