Learning About Grammar – CONJUNCTIONS!

Grade 2 students love using conjunctions in order to get their point across. As a matter of fact, grade 2 students love conjunctions so much that they keep their sentences going on, and on, and on, and on…

We are focusing on how to use conjunctions (or joining words) the right way – to connect words, phrases and clauses ( and not to make run-on sentences).

To introduce conjunctions we watched Conjunction Junction – from School House Rock:

Learn More About Conjunctions!
Try playing the BBC Bitesize Ballon Joining Word Game to practice using and learning more about conjunctions.


One Response to Learning About Grammar – CONJUNCTIONS!

  1. Linda Yollis says:

    Dear IST Grade 2,

    This morning we read your post AND watched your video, AND now we have a greater understanding of conjunctions.

    We like your level of enthusiasm when it comes to conjunctions, BUT be sure to always use them correctly.

    It is important to proofread for run-on sentences, BUT sometimes we make mistakes.

    Are there really zebras in Tanzania, OR did you just put the zebra header there because you liked it?

    Mrs. Yollis’ class

    P.S. We tried to use conjunctions in our sentences. How did we do?

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