Simple Machines – The Screw!

Grade 2 students continue to investigate different types of simple machines. So far we have experimented with wedges, inclined planes, and levers. Today students focused their attention on the screw. Students watched the following short Eureka! video to introduce the idea that the screw (and wheel) are simple machines.

Students learned that there are only two basic simple machines: the inclined plane and the lever. All simple machines are a variation of these two simple machines. Students discovered that a screw is really just a twisted inclined plane.

After watching the video and discussing the ideas presented, students experimented with different items that use a screw type mechanism to accomplish a task. We discovered that screws are everywhere (even in our classroom).

Screws are used to hold things together. We discovered that screws are in our tables, chairs, doors, walls and well everywhere! We also discovered that screws are important simple machines used to keep containers closed. Screws are even found in our glue sticks to make the glue stay at the top of the stick.

Screws are important simple machines!


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