Reader’s Chair

Each Wednesday one student has the opportunity to share a book of his/her choice with the class. This week, Insiyah had the opportunity to share one of her favorite books.

Students are given one week to choose a “just right book” to share. Students are expected to practice reading their book aloud to family and friends at home. Students present the book to their class, reading the book aloud, engaging the audience by making eye contact, showing illustrations and asking questions to check for understanding.

This week Insiyah decided to add some creativity to her Reader’s Chair presentation. She re-created the characters, Mr. Boot’s scarecrow “Mr. Straw” and Mr. Dray’s scarecrow to help her retell the story she read to the class.

This Week’s IST Grade 2 Reading Recommendation:

Scarecrow’s Secret
Written by Heather Amery
Illustrated by Stephen Cartwright

from The Book Depository online


3 Responses to Reader’s Chair

  1. I really like this idea. We have a similar situation in New Zealand with our reading but I like the ideas that your school has. I think giving the students one week to come up with the book and read it is a great idea, and I think that Insiyah’s idea to take a story and develop it herself is a really clever one, I agree with Mr Chamberlain that it would encourage students in the class to do the same and it would also make it more memorable. I can see our class taking this idea and using it in 2010!

    Mr Webb, Room 8,
    Melville Intermediate School,
    Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

  2. Jack Sloan says:

    What a great idea. I really like the “how to choose just the right book” section too. I might try this with my class in the UK. If you get a moment, I’m sure they would love a visit from you.

    Keep up the great blog.

    Jack Sloan
    Chorlton Park Primary School
    Manchester, UK

  3. Insiyah, what a great idea to add the pictures to your story. I bet your classmates will remember your story because you showed them the pictures.You should encourage your classmates to create pictures for their week.

    Mr. C

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