A Visit With John Kilaka

Karibu Mr. Kilaka!

John Kilaka is a well known author, story teller and artist from Tanzania. Thanks to our librarian Ms. Toms, Mr. Kilaka will be visiting with classes this week during library time to share his passion for Tinga-Tinga art and story telling. He is recognized globally for his work, most recently celebrated on the animated BBC CBeebies Tinga-Tinga Tales.

Here is the short introduction clip from Tinga-Tinga Tales:

Dear Mr. Kilaka,

Thank you for coming to IST to share your book, True Friends: A Tale from Tanzania and Tinga-Tinga Stories with us.

From the book True Friends: A Tale from Tanzania

Only Rat knows how to make fire, and he generously provides it to all the other animals. When his best friend, Elephant, suggests that Rat store his food in Elephant’s solid house, Rat agrees. But when the drought comes, Elephant refuses to share the stored food. “You are tiny, and you don’t need much, ” he says. “So go away.” When the other animals return to fetch their fire, Rat is gone and Elephant is worried. What will his betrayed friend do?” from FlipKart.com

Jodie said, “I really like the book about True Friends. I liked the part where they were all friends again.”

Said said, “I also liked the True Friends book. I liked the part where the characters steal all the food from each other. We all loved getting autographs from you!”

We all appreciate you spending time with us at IST, telling us stories, showing us your movies and drawing beautiful pictures for us.

We hope you come back and visit us again soon.

IST Grade 2
Kung Fu
Praying Mantids

Here we are making our best Tinga-Tinga character pose with Mr. Kilaka.

Learning Links:

Learn more about Mr. Kilaka, his books, stories and his art work.

Learn more about Edward S. Tingatinga – the person credited for creating the popular “Tinga-Tinga” style painting.

View some beautiful Tinga-Tinga style paintings from local artists in Tanzania.


2 Responses to A Visit With John Kilaka

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  2. Sue Toms says:

    Looks great. I’m so glad he’s here, it’s been good for us to hear african stories the way they are traditionally told!

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