How to… (Procedural Writing)

Grade 2 students are currently learning about procedural writing. Today students got the opportunity to teach others how to do a magic trick – The Jumping Paper Clip.

Students used the online resource WikiHow to find examples of “How to…” or procedural tasks. We found the article “How to Connect Two Paper Clips without Touching Them” and felt that this would be a good example to use for our magic trick lesson.

Students followed the directions and completed the task. We reviewed each step and helped each other to make sure everyone was able to successfully complete the magic trick. Mr. McKillip took pictures and made the Jumping Paper Clip outline for students to follow.

As a whole class, students worked together to fill out the Jumping Paper Clip outline. Students then wrote their own steps in order to teach others how to do the Jumping Paper Clip trick. Here is what we wrote:

Grade 2 students visited other teachers and classrooms, reading their step-by-step procedures, teaching others how to successfully perform the Jumping Paper Clip.

More information about Procedural Writing:

eHow – Procedural Writing Activities for Grade Two


3 Responses to How to… (Procedural Writing)

  1. Ms. Lane's Lively Ladybugsq says:

    Thank you Kung Fu Mantas for showing us that great trick! We will all be doing this trick for our parents to practice telling directions in order. It’s so cool!

  2. Dr. Peacock says:

    It is easier to do it with the pictures. But what a great magic trick! I’m going to try it out with everyone I know. Thanks!

  3. Helen deMarsh says:

    Thanks Grade 2 for including the office folks. That gave a nice light moment to the morning – especially as the kids were so enthusiastic to share what they’d learned!


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