We Like To Move It, Move It… Exploring Simple Machines

As we begin our next PYP Unit of Inquiry, we investigate the realm of Simple Machines.

Central Idea
Each PYP Unit has a core or central idea. Our central idea for Simple Machines:
Simple machines are used to move objects in different ways and influence our daily lives.

Key Concepts
The ideas and concepts to help students gain a better understanding. Our key concepts for Simple Machines:
Form: What is a simple machine?
Function: How do simple machines work? What happens when they work together?
Connection: How do simple machines affect our daily lives?
Reflection: What evidence have we collected to support this idea?

IST Grade 2 teachers have put together a list of Internet resources and games for students to explore.

Here are just a few resources for you to try.

Simple Machines – Resources and Games

Levers – Investigate how levers work in this interactive mobile

Problem Solving with Push/Pull Physics and Simple Machines
Magic Pen – Draw items and use simple machines to solve problems
Fantastic Contraption – Design and build your own compound machine
Roller Coaster Designer – Use gravity’s pull to create your coaster

Learn About Simple and Compound Machines
EdHead Simple Machine – Learn about simple machines
EdHead Compound Machine – Learn about compound machines
Simple Machines – Identify the different ways simple machines are used

Additional resources and games cane be found on the IST Grade 2 STUDENT page under the sub-heading Simple Machines.

Have fun exploring!


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