Read to Feed Update

By now you have hopefully heard about our new resident goat who is living happily on the I.S.T. campus. She is staying here for the duration of our Read to Feed program. During the long holiday, she will be looked at by Mr. Elias, whom has promised to take good care of her.

This week students have received their booklets and should begin collecting sponsors. Students can collect monies in any currency, though monies donated to Heifer International will all be in Tanzanian Shillings.

Planned schedule Weeks of January 18, 2010- February 12, 2010:

• Students read each night and have their record sheet signed by parents.

• Parents encourage nightly ‘reading to help others’ February 16-19, 2010

• Students turn in Read to Feed forms and money in an envelope labeled with their name and class teacher to collection table near front office.

This holiday, if you have access to the Internet, why not try out the websites:

Thank you for your support!

Ms. Heitmiller,
IST Read to Feed Organizer


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