Learning About Hanukkah

Dear Ms. Erica,

Thank you for coming to our class to teach us about Hanukkah. We learned that there are eight days that are celebrated during Hanukkah. Hanukkah is a festival of lights. It lasts eight days because once there was a synagogue (a house of worship for Jewish people) that only had a little oil for their lamps (enough for one night). But then there was a miracle that made the oil last for eight days and that is why Hanukkah lasts eight days.

We learned that the Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah by playing a game. The game includes spinning tops called dreidels. To play with the dreidels you first get in a small group of people together. Everyone gets a dreidel and some playing pieces or counters. These counters are supposed to be Geld (a Hebrew word for gold) or you can even use chocolate coins. You have to spin the dreidel and then you have to look at the symbol on the side. The symbols tell you to put one in, take one out, do nothing or take all of the pieces. We had fun playing this game.

Learn more about the history of Hanukkah (or Chaukah) and the dreidel by watching this quick video.

Thank you again for coming to our class to teach us about Hanukkah and all the fun things about it.

The Grade 2 Kung Fu Praying Mantids

written by Sage, Talin and Jodie


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