Fable Presentation – A Visit from the Office

Today Grade 2 students had a surprise visit from the main office. Dr. Peacock (the cheeky monkey), Ms. Helen (the brainless chicken) and Ms. Jill (the amazing narrator) volunteered to act out our Monkey and the Chicken fable. This play was an example of just one way for students to start thinking about how they want to present their own fable to the rest of the class.

Thank you Dr. Peacock, Ms. Helen and Ms. Jill for acting out our class fable.

After the play, Mr. McKillip demonstrated another way for students to present their fables. Students have been working with Ms. Alex in the computer lab to learn more about the application Keynote. Mr. McKillip used Keynote and his Mac to create pictures for the slides and even the voice that read the fable aloud.


2 Responses to Fable Presentation – A Visit from the Office

  1. Chandra E says:

    WOW that must have been good! I’ve read your page you have some cool things happening.

  2. san0053 says:

    That would of been really funny to watch because none of our teachers have ever done that. Hopefully you guys would have had a great time doing that.

    See You Later,

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