We’re MAD about Mad Libs!

Over the past week students have been introduced to a fun reading and writing activity called Mad Libs. Mad Libs have been around for ages (since the 1950s). The name Mad Libs comes from a play on words from the Latin “ad lib” which means “to perform without preparation”. Mad Libs are a type of game where a person creates a list of words such as nouns, verbs, places, or parts of the body. These words are used to fill in blanks of a story. Once the missing words have been replaced the person then reads the story aloud resulting in a bit of fun.

For example, a Mad Lib might initially look like this:

After completing the Mad Lib, it might read:
“One day, a polar bear went to Russia and ate a house.”

In class, grade 2 students have been writing their Mad Libs on paper. We invite you to try your own Mad Lib here online.

Read more about Mad Libs on wikipedia.com or the official Mad Libs website.


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