More Fables with the Kung Fu Praying Mantids

As all of Grade 2 continues to investigate stories, each class is writing their own collaborative fable. The Kung Fu Praying Mantids decided to write their fable based on an Aesop fable known as the Fox and the Goat. As a class we read this fable together. We discussed and clearly identified the fable story elements; the setting, the animal characters and their human traits, the problem and the actions that take place in the fable to explain or demonstrate the moral or lesson.

We brainstormed different ways to tell our fable using our own story elements in order to teach the same moral or lesson. We used our fable planner and storyboard to organize our ideas. We worked as a class to create a new setting, characters with similar traits, an almost identical problem and solution. We created the following fable to reinforce the important details and elements of telling a fable. Enjoy!


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