Faris Learning On The Go

Dear Mr. McKillip and all my friends at IST,

Here are some pictures of me with my sister and cousin in Cairo this last weekend. The pyramids are huge but the sphinx is smaller than I thought it would be. We also visited a tomb under a smaller pyramid and we had to climb down a ladder underground to see it. But there was nothing inside the tomb except for rocks.

From Faris

Thanks Faris for doing your homework. We look forward to hearing all about your adventures and sharing your new found knowledge of Egypt and the ancient pyramids with us when you return. —Mr. McKillip

Faris – Sharing With The Class

This morning, Faris used our website and the SMARTboard to show us his pictures from his trip. He told us stories about his adventure and answered the many questions his friends had for him during his presentation.


2 Responses to Faris Learning On The Go

  1. Dr. Peacock says:

    It was great that Faris could take his classmates along on his trip to Egypt (almost!). We can even imagine what the weather was like by seeing how Faris was dressed on his visit to the pyramids. I have visited Cairo many times, but Faris’ experience makes me want to go back again soon! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lena Muhtadi says:

    Thank you Mr McKillip for showing interest in Faris’ trip to Cairo. He felt very proud to have the opportunity to talk in front of the class. I have forwarded the IST grade 2 weblink to family members elsewhere in the world. It’s a great way for grandparents, aunts and uncles to have a window into our life here. My sister who lives in London commented that her childrens’ schools with traditional blackboards were “positively Victorian” compared with IST’s Smartboards! I think it takes people by surprise coming from Africa.

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