Writing Fables with the Lively Ladybugs

After several weeks of studying the elements of fables and comparing and contrasting them to fairy tales and other stories, the Lively Ladybugs excitedly set out to write a class fable. We started with a planning sheet where we decided what moral we wanted to teach, an act of kindness always comes back to you. Next we choose our setting, Serengeti, and talked about a setting being more than just a place; its the weather, time of day, and time of year. After that we discussed how are characters should be animals who actually live in that setting and are often times seen as natural enemies or good/bad. We decided upon a zebra and a leopard. After much brainstorming, we filled in the last part of our fable planner with our problem: a leopard is stuck in a tree and is too scared to get down.

Once our planner was completed we used a storyboard to outline the fable. This paper had 6 boxes on it where we sketched out the sequence of our fable and wrote a short sentence under each picture to remind us of what is happening. Once this was completed it was finally time to write then edit our fable. Here is our final draft; we hope you enjoy!


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