Children Changing the World- One Book at a Time

Read to Feed!
IST and Heifer International

Our students at IST are ready to help change the lives of friends and neighbors here in Tanzania. And it is possible!

Each year IST student’s work with Heifer International to do what our students do best- and that is READ. Children ask reading sponsors to help them raise money to buy gifts of livestock for impoverished families. Last year we raised enough money to buy several goats for our neighbors in South Beach.

The idea is simple and it works! Instead of providing families in need with nonrenewable sources of food, Heifer International provides a “living loan” of an animal and the training to take care of it.

The family “repays” the living loan by “passing on the gift” of one or more of their offspring and so on…and so on. Just one gift animal can transform an entire community!

We hope you support our students’ efforts to “seize the day” by helping to change the world one book at a time. Sponsor forms will go home the week of December 14, so students can collect sponsors over the break. The four weeks of reading will begin on January 18, 2010. More information will soon follow.

Thank you,
Christy Heitmiller


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