Hello from Dr. MacDonald!

MRM_Home_3Hi IST readers! It was fun for me to read your notes. I am glad you enjoyed my visit and my books. I have so much fun writing these books and then I love sharing them with everybody I can meet.

Since I left you I have been traveling constantly. I went first to Bahrain and then to Oman. There I told stories in international schools in Muscat and then fly south to Salalah where a friend lives. She and I went to the Empty Quarter to spend a night sleeping on the sand! We were hosted by a Bedouin Sheik. Well we paid him to take us out. It was remarkable. We slept on carpets spread on the sand. I stayed awake most of the night so I could watch the stars. At first I could not identify any constellations because ALL of the stars were so bright. But then about 9 pm Orion came up over the horizon. So I just kept watching Orion climb up the sky all night. I kept my glasses on so every time I woke up I could look up and see where Orion was now. There were shooting stars passing through Orion’s belt all night. I thought it was just normal, but I learned next day that it was a meteor shower called the Orionids and only took place for three days. I was lucky to be there just then.

Dr_McDonaldAfter that I went to Bonn, Germany and hiked near the Rhine River with my daughter and her husband and their 4 year old daughter. Lots of falling leaves.

Now I am home in Seattle with…lots of falling raindrops! I love it.

Dr. Margaret R. MacDonald


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