Free Software for School and Home

There are a number of useful Open Source applications available for students to use on their computers both at school and at home. IST has been investigating different Open Source options to assist students with transitioning work from home to school, allowing students to save, open and continue work at any computer regardless of platform (Windows, Apple, etc.). Education Project

“The purpose is to help teachers as well as students or anybody involved in education to enter the project and find a place where to contribute or to find informations. Another aim is to be a central point for tools and initiatives around the product and the sources that can be shared by our international community and where students of any level can find a place to easily participate.”

Recently, has released a wonderful software tool for young students to help them with word processing; OOo4Kids.

OOo4Kids is an Open Source program that you can download for free to your home computer.

You can find additional Open Source application for school/home use on the PARENTS link at the top of our IST Grade 2 website.


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