International Day at IST!!!

IST International Day Assembly
International Day Assembly 2009 at IST

Dear Parents,

We, the Grade 2 students, want to say thank you for all of the hard work that you did to put on the awesome International Day at IST. We had a lot of fun visiting all of the stalls from around the world. We enjoyed all of the fun games, yummy food and interesting art activities. We had a nice time.

tanzaniaWe learned a lot today though all of the interactive activities from all over the world that you set up for us. We learned that there are many different kinds of food, drink, games, art and activities from many different cultures. It made us happy when you gave us paper origami cranes from Japan. We enjoyed learning about American football. We also liked learning about the good luck stickers from Egypt. We discovered that South Africa has a lot of mines for precious metals and gems. It was fun for us to dig in the sand and find our own gems today. chinaEveryone was so happy to have their name written out in Chinese characters! Some of us got henna designs on our hands from India. We also discovered that Zanzibar has many different spices that come from plants and some of us got a beautiful hand made basket. We all enjoyed the stories you told us but most of all we appreciate the time you took to answer our many questions about your country.

We learned a lot today about the world and we had a lot of fun too. Thank you again for helping us to learn about the world.

Yours truly,
The IST Grade 2 Students


One Response to International Day at IST!!!

  1. Dr. Peacock says:

    Wasn’t International Day just the best?! I thought it was so much fun to see everyone dressed up. And I really liked what Dr. Onabanjo said about us all being part of the United Nations. It made me like we can do anything if we just make up our minds to do it – like have all countries at peace, or stop global warming. Those are big things, but we can do so much if we just work together, like we do everyday at IST!
    Anyway, I’m glad you had fun on International Day!

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