What’s Happening in Maths

Dear Grade 2 Families,

As we begin the new term, we’d like to inform you of the Mathematics concepts and benchmarks we’ll be covering as we start Unit 3 using Everyday Math. We have included some ideas for you to try at home to help us reinforce the following Mathematics concepts.

Measurement: Time
Students will be continuing to read and record time using the hour and minute hands on an analog clock. You can reinforce this concept at home by drawing your child’s attention to the clock when talking about what time events in your schedule occur and asking them read the clock.

Data Handling: Grouping and Graphing
We will also be working on reading and representing data through the use of bar graphs. You could have your child take inventory of your pantry or possibly clean out the change jar sitting on your dresser. Have your child create a bar graph to represent the data they collect.

Number: Place Value and Money
Your child will be reading, writing, and comparing numbers from 0 to 999. We will begin by reviewing place value, or the meaning of each digit in a number. For example, in the number 352, the 3 represents 3 hundreds, the 5 represents 5 tens, and the 2 represents 2 ones. If you see a multi-digit number around the house or while you are out and about, you might try asking your child how many tens, hundreds, ones, etc.

Money concepts will continue to be developed. This includes finding the values of coins, identifying different coin combinations, and making change. Due to the international representation of our students, we do not focus solely on one type of currency. The focus is shifted from names of individual currencies to the skills behind all currency, which is addition and subtraction of various denominations. One exception is the Tanzanian Shilling.

We will be introducing the students to the name and symbol of the currency used here in Tanzania as well as mathematical practice using the local currency. To accomplish this we need your help! It’s time to search those drawers around the house and explore what is under your couch cushions. Each class is in need of T-Shilling coins and bills in the denominations of 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000. We would be most appreciative if you could donate whatever loose change you have so that we can use as learning manipulative for the classroom. Please put it in a bag or envelope inside your child’s folder by Friday, October 30th. Thank you in advance for any contribution you make!

As a reminder, all of the aforementioned concepts can be practiced at home by visiting the Grade 2 website. Under the ‘students‘ link there are many games and resources available for your child to practice in order to build mastery. Working together, your child’s understanding of these concepts will flourish.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments.

The Grade 2 Team


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