Welcome to Sitton Spelling!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

IST Elementary has adopted a new program to support our teaching of Spelling. This resource was ordered last academic year with the plan of implementing it within school year 2009-10. Our teachers are now exploring this teaching tool and using it to support the teaching of specific, grade appropriate content and skills outlined within our Language Scope and Sequence.

Sitton Spelling promises to be a valuable resource at IST Elementary for several reasons. It should give additional structure and purpose to our ever developing language curriculum as well as, and more importantly, make connections between spelling, writing and reading.

Sitton states that…
• Writing skills are explicitly stated, not ‘incidental’
• Both words, skills and concepts are extensively recycled throughout the program reinforcing practice that leads to eventual mastery
• Units within the program are sequential
• Each unit has structure and support for the teacher
• There are extensive activities so the teachers can craft their own balanced and class/individual appropriate spelling curriculum
• The children are accountable for their own learning as they test themselves continuously
• Spelling skills are transferred more easily to writing

We hope that the standard of our spelling will improve due to the practical nature of this programme and allow spelling to be inquiry based to match our PYP methodology.

To find out more about this program, feel free to visit www.sittonspelling.com

Jill Lawson,
PYP Coordinator

Links for students to practice spelling strategies:
Spelling City – A fun way to learn how to spell your own spelling words!
Look Cover Write and Check – Interactive spelling game

More Internet resources for students can be found at https://istgrade2.wordpress.com/students/


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