Minibeast Reports – Doing a bit more…

MaliseMy name is Malise and I am in Grade 2 at IST. This is my Power Point about Silk Worms. I made this at home on my computer. I made this Power Point because we were doing a unit on minibeasts at school. Each student got to do research about a minibeast. I choose the silk worm. We each wrote a report about our minibeast. I wrote my report and then I decided to create this Power Point from information I found while doing research on the Internet at home.


3 Responses to Minibeast Reports – Doing a bit more…

  1. grand maman Suzette says:

    How impressive! Interesting! Well thought out!

    I, for sure learned something new. Thank you Malise, well done, great job…You make us proud….

    How you grow so fast, in every which way
    Keep going kid, more power to you:) xox0x0xox0xo

  2. Mijanou Spurdle says:

    Malise, “Grandpa Grits” told me about your presentation and how proud he was. Thank you for sharing with me too! I can see why he was bragging!

  3. Micheline says:

    Wow! I am so impressed by your hard work. This really turned out nicely. So proud! Mommy

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