Thank You Dr. MacDonald

9 October 2009

Dear Dr. Margaret R. MacDonald,

Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories with us here at IST. We really liked when you read your books Go To Sleep Gecko!, Slop! and Fat Cat to us in the library and at the assembly with the Grade 3 students.

We really enjoyed you and your books. Your books have lots of beautiful detailed pictures. Your stories are also fun to read. When you read to us you made your stories fun by involving the audience with sounds and activities. We especially liked the rhythm in the book Go To Sleep Gecko! We see that you are now tired and you need to go to sleep. Thank you again for flying here to be with us at IST.

IST Grade 2 with Dr. MacDonald

The IST Grade 2 Kung Fu Praying Mantis
Mr. McKillip and Mr. Elliot


9 October 2009

Dear Dr. MacDonald,

Thank you for visiting our school and sharing your fantastic stories. We loved getting to meet an author! We really liked the motions and fun voices that you used as you read the stories. You have a very good imagination; we felt like we were a part of each story.

It was neat to hear about where the stories came from. We have been to some of those countries! We wish you could spend more time with us, but we look forward to going home and telling our sisters and brothers about the stories!

The IST Grade 2 Lively Ladybugs


2P Letter

The IST Grade 2P Butterflies!


9 October 2009

Dear Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald,

Thank you for reading us some of your books and telling us stories from all over the world. We loved listening to your stories; they were really fun and exciting. Stories like the “Big, Fat Cat, Slop! And Go to Sleep Gecko” were interesting and funny. We liked the way you made the stories come to alive with sounds and actions. It was fun to participate in acting out the stories with you. Did you enjoy reading and acting out the stories with us? How many stories have you collected from all sorts of different cultures? We hope you come back again soon to visit us at IST? Where are you going to visit next?

2N Photo with Author

The IST Grade 2 Buzzing Bees
Ms. Lara and Ms. Muyenga


One Response to Thank You Dr. MacDonald

  1. Hi IST readers! It was fun for me to read your notes. I am glad you enjoyed my visit and my books. I have so much fun writing these books and then I love sharing them with everybody I can meet.

    Since I left you I have been traveling constantly. I went first to Bahrain and then to Oman. There I told stories in international schools in Muscat and then fly south to Salalah where a friend lives. She and I went to the Empty Quarter to spend a night sleeping on the sand! We were hosted by a Bedouin Sheik. Well we paid him to take us out. It was remarkable. We slept on carpets spread on the sand. I stayed awake most of the night so I could watch the stars. At first I could not identify any constellations because ALL of the stars were so bright. But then about 9 pm Orion came up over the horizon. So I just kept watching Orion climb up the sky all night. I kept my glasses on so everytime I woke up I could look up and see where Orion was now. There were shooting stars passing through Orion’s belt all night. I thought it was just normal, but I learned next day that it was a meteor shower called the Orionids and only took place for three days. I was lucky to be there just then.

    After that I went to Bonn, Germany and hiked near the Rhine River with my daughter and her husband and their 4 year old daughter. Lots of falling leaves.

    Now I am home in Seattle with…lots of falling raindrops! I love it.

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