Way to Go Grade 2!

September 28, 2009

Dear Grade 2 Kung Fu Praying Mantis and Buzzing Bees,

We enjoyed your minibeast performance enormously! It was an amazing assembly. Your colorful costumes were very exciting. We especially liked the ladybug! We all had fun singing “Ladybug In My Soda” with you.

IST G2 Minibeast Assembly

It is obvious that you practiced a lot. Everyone knew their lines so well! You told the whole school a lot of interesting facts about minibeasts. The Kung Fu Praying Mantids and the Buzzing Bees had great teamwork to put on a fabulous show!

Way to go!!!

The Lively Lady Bugs
IST Grade 2 Ms. Lane’s class


19 Responses to Way to Go Grade 2!

  1. Edward says:

    I liked it because I was a praying mantis.

  2. Krisz says:

    I liked singing because I was good.

  3. Henry says:

    I am glad that I was not on stage but I still liked assembly because it was fun watching it.

  4. Nuru says:

    I liked the assembly because I liked singing.

  5. ALIYAH says:

    I loved our last assembly because the songs were good.

  6. Danni says:

    I enjoyed the assembly because I like the song and the minibeasts.

  7. Lenno says:

    I Ioved singing Bee’s are Buzzing in the Flowering Trees .

  8. Faris says:

    I liked assembly because I was a stagehand and I brought the chairs on stage.

  9. Diya says:

    I liked the show because all the songs were sweet and I had fun.

  10. Willam says:

    I liked the assembly because it was fun and enthusiastic.

  11. Koby says:

    I like when we were singing Bees are Buzzing in the Flower Trees buzz buzz bizzaly bizzaly bees bizz bizz bizz bizz bizz bees are buzzing and Lady Bug in My Soda .

  12. Lucca says:

    I didn’t really like it because I wasn’t on stage.

  13. Bertha says:

    I like the song especially I Got a Ladybug in My Soda and I liked the show.

  14. Talin says:

    Dear Grade 2,
    I loved your assembly. I think it was fabulous. I think safari hunter 3 and the choir and the lady bug costume was perfect.

  15. Jodie says:

    I liked performing safari hunter number 3 and I loved the ladybug costume.

  16. Sage says:

    I loved safari hunter number 3 and I loved the ladybug costume.

  17. Insiyah says:

    I liked singing the songs it was fun singing both the songs.

  18. Said says:

    I liked the part when we sang lady bug in my soda.

  19. Rashmi Udeshi says:

    Minibeasts Assembly last Friday was awesome! We loved it. It was educative as well as entertaining. A big congrats to Grade 2 Kung Fu Preying Mantis & Buzzing Bees for this wonderful performance.

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