Assembly Help

Dear Parents,

Grade 2 will have two opportunities to present at this school year’s assemblies. Ms. Lara and Mr. McKillip’s classes will be presenting this week. Ms. Lane and Ms. Perera’s classes will be presenting later in the year.

On Thursday, September 24th students from both Ms. Lara and Mr. McKillip’s classes will be having a full dress rehearsal for the upcoming assembly on Friday, September 25th at 7:20 AM.

Therefore we ask that you might look around your house to help us find/create costumes. Please bring any costume items to school Wednesday, September 23rd with your child’s name so that items can be returned after the assembly on Friday.

The following characters will need simple costumes:

Ladybug – Red or Black pants and Red shirt
Bee – Black pants and Stripped polo shirt (wings?)
Butterfly – Black pants and Yellow shirt (wings?)
Praying Mantis – Black pants and Green shirt
Desk Reporters (x2) – White Button-up Dress shirts, Ties
Field Reporter – White Button-up Dress shirt, Tie, Bowler hat (man’s hard felt hat with a round dome-shaped crown) or something similar
Minibeast Safari Hunters (x4) – Camouflage, Brown or Green pants and shirts, Safari hats, nets
Waitress – Black skirt, White Button-up Dress shirt, Tie, Apron

Students not part of the cast will be performing as the choir. Each student will need his/her own shirt to match their class:

Ms. Lara’s class – Black shirt
Mr. McKillip’s class – Green shirt

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you at the assembly.


Ms. Lara and Mr. McKillip


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