Using Comics to Inspire Reading

Today Mr. McKillip’s class was introduced to GoComics, a fantastic online daily comic website. Students were thrilled to see their favorite comics Calvin and Hobbes, Garfield and many others displayed for them to read.

As a whole group activity Mr. McKillip’s class used the following daily comic to reinforce some of the strategies introduced during Guided Reading time.

GoComics: Calvin and Hobbes Sept. 16 2009
calvin hobbes
© 2009 Universal Press Syndicate – All Rights Reserved.

Students used this comic to do a quick Picture Walk – looking at each frame or panel to Sequence the story as well as looking at the detailed expressions of Calvin to Predict what was going to happen in each of the following panels. In the last panel students were able to determine the Setting (in the house, before or after school) based on the characters and the visual clues (Calvin’s mom sitting at a table with a lamp doing work).

After reading the words, students were able check if their predictions were correct. Students determined that Calvin was in fact “scared and worried” because he did not know the whereabouts of Hobbes who of course loves to pounce on poor Calvin. Students also looked at the Language/Parts of Speech being used. “Aah!” is a great example of an Interjection.

The lesson ended with a quick discussion of comics and reading. Students felt that reading comics often (even daily) with reading other materials will help them to become better readers.


Here are a few links to Inspire Use of Comics in the Classroom:

Comics in the Classroom: 100 Tips, Tools, and Resources for Teachers
The Best Comics for Your Classroom: A List For All Grade Levels


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