What’s Your Learning Style?

As a parent you are naturally interested in your child’s education and learning style. As an educator, I am constantly searching for ways to engage student learning in a meaningful and purposeful way. Whether at home or at school, we want to provide our children with learning opportunities that encourage life-long learning.

To teach more effectively I have found it important to review the Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles of my students. I feel it is important for children to learn that people learn in different ways and that it is good for them to start thinking about their own preferred learning style.

G2m Learning Styles

Multiple Intelligence (MI) Theory, developed by renowned educational psychologist, Dr. Howard Gardner, MI recognizes that intelligence can come in many forms. MI outlines eight kinds of intelligence in any (one or more) of which a child may excel (see the list below).

It has been claimed by some researchers that our intelligence or ability to understand the world around us is complex. Some people are better at understanding some things than others. For some of us it is relatively easy to understand how a flower grows but it is immensely difficult for us to understand and use a musical instrument. For others music might be easy but playing football is difficult.

Mulyiple Intelligence Poster p2
Mulyiple Intelligence Poster p3

The Grade 2 students invite you to find out more about your own Learning Style by taking the Multiple Intelligence Test.

Multiple Intelligence from Birmingham City Council
Multiple Intelligence and Learning Styles from the Children’s Corner


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