Compound Eyes

Mantis Pose

Many different kinds of minibeasts have strange looking eyes. The praying mantis has eyes that are called compound eyes. “If I had compound eyes I would see many small images of the same thing. I use these glasses to see what it is like to see like an insect with compound eyes.”

Aidan brought these glasses from home to share with his class. While looking through these glasses, we can see what an insect, like the praying mantis, might see when looking at the world.

Below is a quick video we made showing what it might look like if we had compound eyes like the praying mantis, bees, butterflies and many other insects.


3 Responses to Compound Eyes

  1. Jonathan Little, Ottawa, CA says:

    That was really cool. I wish I had glasses like that. Where did you get them?

  2. Sandy Scott ('Nini') says:

    As Aidan’s grandmother in far away California, I am so glad to see some of the things my grandson is doing in school. He makes me very proud since just about everything I know of animals, particularly African ones, I have learned from sharing books and videos, trips and talk with Aidan. He is a dedicated learner with a remarkable memory for details. I had not realized that Aidan’s interests had expanded to the insect world, too. Way to go Aidan, I look forward to my next visit to Tanzania and learning even more about this new realm from you.

  3. Jenny Kremer says:

    I’m so proud of my son (who I call Bear) because he always seems to be noticing what animals are doing and how they are living. It makes me happy to see that he has now extended his love for animals to all the mini-beasts who make up so much of the animal world. I love to see him being compassionate for all living beings, especially the small ones. Way to go my bug-eyed Bear!

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