Choosing “Just Right” Books

Five Finger TestThis week grade 2 will be focusing on independent reading skills. Students have already started to discuss the importance of reading everyday but what does reading look like? What does reading sound like? Reading is looking through and reading just the pictures. Reading is understanding by reading the words. Reading also happens when we retell a story. Reading can happen silently or when we read aloud or retell to others.

Students are learning how to find books that are not too difficult, not too easy but books that are “just right”. Students will be using the Five Finger Test and other tools to determine what books are “just right” for them to be reading.

Click here if you would like to download a copy of this poster for your classroom.

2 Responses to Choosing “Just Right” Books

  1. Hi Mikey,

    Glad to hear things are up and running for you! I like the use of the jpg for the 5 finger test. Very clear and easy to read.


    Thanks for the comment Tom. We expect a visit from you soon.

  2. Jal Patel says:

    Excellent technique! It has always been an issue with most mothers not knowing which reading level is best suited for their child and this technique makes it much easier.

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