Minibeasts are Everywhere!

IST Minibeast SafariGrade 2 students have started to explore the world of Minibeasts. Students began our current Unit of Inquiry by asking questions and posting them on our “Wondering Wall” in each of our grade 2 classrooms. Students are actively thinking about our unit’s Central Idea “Minibeasts and people live together and each play a role in sharing the Earth.” Our investigations will help to guide us to a clear understanding of our Central Idea and answer our Key Concept Guiding Questions: What is a minibeast? How do we classify them? What is our responsibility towards minibeasts? AND How are people connected to minibeasts?

Students have been actively seeking minibeasts on campus this week. Students have discovered that we share our school grounds with many different types of minibeasts. Be sure to ask your son or daughter how many minibeast he/she was able to find on our recent Minibeast Safari.


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